Book Club

A committee working towards the literary as well as philosophical nexus of the community.

A book club is a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with other readers. Hours can be spent conversing with those who share your passion for certain writers or arguing the merits of a certain character. In either case, it’s a more economical approach to maintain a busy social life.

Our reading group comprises several people who read and discuss books based on a common theme or reading list. There are two facilitators at each club meeting. They offer advice to the members while choosing books and other club matters.

We usually select a certain book to read and debate together. Our book clubs regularly convene at a predetermined place. We hold monthly meetings so that members have time to read the allotted title. Our book club may concentrate on literary analysis or on less formal subjects. Sometimes we have a particular genre in mind, like romance or horror.

Beyond the essentials of reading, our book club considers analyzing and retrospection as a whole.

However, why are book clubs significant? What distinguishes this environment from independent reading at home?

The Edgewater book club serves the same function as any other club: to bring a community together to learn about and debate a topic that is important to them.

Discussion is one of the primary elements of our book club, as we’ve already demonstrated. All members of our book club must have read and comprehended the book before the discussion can take place.

There is a ton of information on other Edgewater committees on this website, but if you need more details, please see the “Contact Us” page.


Committee Members:

  • C0- Chairperson
  • Adile Williams
  • Kathy Allen


How to join:

Please contact our chairperson at or reach out on the website contact page to the management company or board member with the subject line stating, “I am interested in joining the _____ committee”

The general time commitment is moderate,  We meet once per quarter to discuss the times, and we mainly communicate by email with responses that must be made within 7 days.  No experience is necessary if you have a desire to help, become a part of the community, and meet new people, then we would love to have you!


News – need to know:

Our next meeting is, Every 3rd Monday of the month

Walkers Club

A committee aimed at exercising and socializing through walking.

It’s not impossible to lead a healthy, active lifestyle in Edgewater. Walking offers people of all ages a low-impact approach to remaining in shape and staying active, but many walkers prefer to undertake it with a companion. Good news if you reside in Edgewater; You can just start walking with the club! This community prides itself of being an “Active” community that may help you maintain your spring in your step.

We have members who are novice walkers and members who are champion racewalkers. Our members include fitness walkers, race walkers, and hikers at every level of skill and competitiveness.

The club’s activities include weekly walks in various Edgewater neighborhoods and monthly treks in the mountains. We take part in several additional events, including local races. On Sundays and occasional days, there are free clinics for novice racewalkers.

Our monthly newsletter has information on club events, a calendar of activities, and articles on racewalking, walking, and general health and fitness.

You’ll get knowledge, inspiration, and the opportunity to achieve your fitness objectives by joining the club and taking part in club events!

There is a ton of information on other Edgewater committees on this website, but if you need more details, please see the “Contact Us” page.


Committee Members:


How to join:

Please contact our chairperson at or reach out on the website contact page to the management company or board member with the subject line stating, “I am interested in joining the _____ committee”

The general time commitment is moderate,  We meet once per quarter to discuss the times, and we mainly communicate by email with responses that must be made within 7 days.  No experience is necessary if you have a desire to help, become a part of the community, and meet new people, then we would love to have you!


News – need to know:

Our next meeting is,

Swim Team

The Edgewater Lightning Swim Team is a summer swim team that operates out of Edgewater for Edgewater residents and non-residents. Swimmers compete in swim meets against other teams in the Gwinnett County Swim League.

Swimmers that qualify for the GCSL County Championship continue on and swim in the County Meet at GA Tech in July.

The swim team is for swimmers age 5-18 who can successfully complete a lap across the pool. (if you have a four year old who is a strong swimmer they can join the team too!)

Is your child a five year old future swimmer? We also have a Mini Bolt program for non-competitive swimmers who are just learning to get their fins wet. Register as a Mini Bolt on the SwimTopia site.

Lightning coaches work on stroke technique in all four strokes, skills such as dives and turns, and improving endurance. The Lightning coaching staff emphasizes team spirit and sportsmanship in a fun and friendly environment.

The Edgewater Lightning is a volunteer run organization and requires parent participation to run smoothly – every family helps out!

Registration Deadline is June 5, 2023.  ­­­­­­­If you or anyone you know have not yet registered, please jump in and do so as soon as possible. Although we have until June 5, 2023, the sooner you register, the better we’ll be able to plan for the best support for our swimmers. You can register using this link or by signing into the Edgewater Lightning swimptopia site.

After school practices begin May 8th and we will switch to morning practices when GCPS are out for summer.

We are excited to announce our new Swim Board Members:

  • Chairperson- Mancy Tutt
  • Vice Chairperson- Heather Hammond
  • Treasurer- Jennifer Moore
  • Secretary- Dana Jastrzebski
  • Members at Large- Laura Cochling, Dea Manotas


After school practices begin May 13th and will switch to Morning practices when GCPS is out for summer beginning May 23rd.
Afternoon Practices: (starts May 13)
7-8 and 9-10s: 4:30 pm – 5:15pm
6 and unders: 5:15 – 6pm
11 and ups: 6pm – 7 pm
Morning practices: (starts May 23)
7-8 & 9-10s: 8:30am – 9:15am
6 and unders: 9:15am – 10:00am
11-12s, 13-14s & 15-18s: 10:00am – 11:00am
***                    Swim Meets:               ***
***                                                               ***
***         5/30       at  Edgewater         ***
***         6/6         Away Meet                  ***
***         6/13       at Edgewater           ***
***         6/20       Away Meet                ***
***         6/27      at Edgewater           ***




Edgewater Community Association Tennis Rules

The community tennis courts are for residents and accompanied guests only. Resident team members should always be present during ALTA, USTA, and other league matches & practices.

As an Edgewater resident, you have access to some of the finest facilities of any neighborhood in Gwinnett. The Tennis, Volleyball Court and Children’s play area are just a few of the amenities we can all enjoy. The information on this page, including the documents, provide the information you need to schedule courts, participate on Tennis teams, the rules of use and the overall guidelines that will keep our facilities the best available.
Our tennis court reservations are handled by This free service will allow you to check on court availability and make reservations from the internet or via a toll-free telephone number. All court reservations will be handled through this system, so please follow the instructions below to begin.
1. Go to and click on Player Sign-Up to setup a new player account.
2. Select THE CLUB @ EDGEWATER as your Home Facility.
3. Enter our Facility Code:edge
4. Fill in the remainder of your information and click SUBMIT.
5. Login at anytime day or night to reserve courts.
 You may sign-up for your player account immediately.

Once your reservation is completed. Bring your cell phone with you to the courts just in case someone questions the reservation, or might be using the court you reserved. This will show that you do indeed have that court reserved. Everyone respects a prior reservation! :-)
Please be aware that all players may have reasonable limits on the length of reservations or on how far in advance they can reserve courts.


Court Behavior & Upkeep 

Courts are for tennis play only. Court # 3 has lines and moveable nets that allow Pickleball play. No bikes, skates, skateboards, roller-blades, or other non-tennis related activities are allowed inside the fenced court areas.
1. Players must exhibit proper sportsmanship and tennis etiquette.
2. Black-marking shoes are not to be worn on the courts at any time. Shirts must be worn at all times.
3. Members waiting to play, spectators, and children must stay outside the fenced area unless permitted in by the players.
4. No pets, chairs, furniture, play pens, or baby beds are allowed inside the fenced area.
5. Jumping over or swinging on the nets and/or fence are prohibited.
6. No glass containers may be taken inside the fenced area. Beverages must be in non-breakable containers, and if a spill occurs, it must be cleaned up immediately.
7. All trash must be placed in proper receptacles.
8. No smoking is allowed inside the court fences or in the viewing area between the two sets of courts.
9. No bikes, skates, skateboards, roller-blades, or pets are allowed in the viewing area between the sets of courts or on the sidewalk adjacent to
court #1.
10. For safety and security purposes, court gates must be kept closed at all times.If you are the last person to leave, lock the gates and turn off the lights.

Court Usage
1. Hours of Operation: 8:00am – 11:00pm
2. Courts are for Residents only (see Guest Privileges section).
Residents under eighteen (18) years old cannot reserve court time on weeknights after 6:00pm. Adult residents will have priority at these times unless the children are playing with an adult member.
3. Children under seven (7) years old must be accompanied by an adult. No one under eighteen (18) years old is allowed on the courts after 10:00pm.
4. Court sign-up is limited to 1 and 1/2 hours (singles) or 2 hours (doubles) per day. Continued play is allowed past the reserved time if no one is waiting to use the court.
6. Courts may be reserved 72 hours in advance. If a Member is unable to keep a scheduled court time, courtesy should be extended to other Members by deleting your name from the online Reserve My Court System. For late arrivals or no-shows, rights to reserved court time are forfeited 15 minutes past the scheduled start time.
7. Match play and practices are to be scheduled by Team Captains. Conflicts should be addressed between the Captains involved, and any conflict that cannot be resolved by the Captains, should be brought to the Chair / and or Committee.
9. Guest Privileges
a. A maximum of four (4) guests is permitted at one time when accompanied by an adult Member.
b. Only one (1) guest is permitted at one time with a minor (under age 18), unless accompanied by an adult Member.
c. Excessive use of guest privileges may result in restriction of them.
Team Formation
The maximum number teams each season will be in accordance with ALTA/USTA regulations for the number of courts available and Edgewater Advisory Board limitations.

1. Residents should realize that they have the primary responsibility for communicating their desire to play on a neighborhood team to the appropriate person by the published deadlines.
2. Captains / Co-Captains for all ALTA / USTA teams must be current Edgewater residents. No non-resident Captains allowed. A former Edgewater resident in good standing will suffice
3. All ALTA/USTA team active rosters, junior and adult, must consist of a minimum 15% Edgewater resident participation.
4.Grandfather Rule: If a former Edgewater resident in good standing should move away from Edgewater, but desires to remain on an Edgewater team, that person will be considered an Edgewater Resident for purposes of meeting the Resident / Non-resident percentages ONLY. They are still required to pay the non-resident fee.
5. Courts for scheduled ALTA/USTA matches and practices will be reserved in advance. This is contingent on non-resident fees being paid. Rescheduling of postponed ALTA/USTA matches may require “bumping” of other court reservations (under extreme circumstances, only).
a.Please be courteous when reserving courts.Alternate between reserving the upper courts and lower courts. This allows Home teams to share the newer courts. If there is only one Home team on a weekend, feel free to use the courts of choice. When reserving courts, please keep this rule in mind, as the first Captain to log onto ReserveMyCourt will have all courts available. Use the alternating rule, and later after all Captains have reserved courts, a review of remaining available courts can be done, and changes can be made as long as only one team will be Home for that match time frame.
6. Fees for ALTA/USTA participation will be as follows: $25 for non-residents, $10 for non-resident juniors. Non-Residents are allowed court usage during scheduled practices and matches only.

It is possible for a non-resident to play on several teams in Edgewater during a season The season time frame will follow the ALTA seasons, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL. If a non-resident plays on an ALTA team, and then a USTA team, apply the season rule to that fee. 25$ per season no matter the # of teams a non-resident might participate in.

1. Captains / Co-Captains must be Edgewater residents. Grandfathered “Edgewater” residents are eligible.
2. Captains must accommodate requests of residents to join the team. Residents cannot be told, “we have too many on our team, you can’t play”.
3. Exception to this is when the addition of a player would raise the level of the team above where the team last played.
4. Fees must be submitted to AMAG via one check, or multiples from non-residents made out toEdgewater Homeowners Association.
a. Request a receipt for this check and send a picture of this to the current Tennis Chair Currently Cordell – Current Pickle ball Currently Adile –
b. If you mail your check(s) to AMAG, request a return e-mail that they have received your check and the $ amount. Forward that to the tennis chair.
c. Create a list of Resident / Non-Resident players for your team. Note the Resident / Non-Resident count on that note when paying AMAG.
c. Once the chair receives that information of Non-resident fees paid, Captain status is granted to the Captain to make reservations for the upcoming season. (ALTA/USTA).
5. All Captains should be visible advocates for enforcement of court rules. Their help is also requested in protecting and maintaining all Edgewater recreational facilities.
6. All Captains and team members are responsible for emptying trashcans ensuring bathroom doors and scoreboard doors are closed and locked following matches. Team participation makes this go smoothly, but the Chair will contact Captain’s when things are completed properly.

1. Each team is allotted two courts for practices and three courts for matches. Additional courts may be used (but not reserved), and must be relinquished if requested by an Edgewater resident.
2.No court sign-up is allowed by team members during matches or practices.
3. If matches are rained out, please understand that prior matches (T2, ALTA, USTA) may be scheduled. Also, if two home teams are rained out, please work together to enable everyone to get their matches in. Captains can always reschedule makeup matches in lieu of their designated practice time without prior approval.

1. Hours of Operation: 6:00am – 10:00pm, daily
2. Courts & Tot Lot are intended for the use of residents only. Rules related to Guest Privileges are identical to those listed above under the
3. Tot Lot use is limited to the appropriate age group (generally, ten years old and under). Pets are not allowed in the Tot Lot.
4. Players must exhibit proper sportsmanship. Abusive language is not allowed.
5. No food or glass containers may be taken onto the courts or Tot Lot. All trash should be placed in receptacles.
7. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed by adults (age 21 or older).
RESPONSIBILITIES (Pertaining to all Courts Facilities)
1. All use of facilities by Members and guests is at the individual’s own risk.
2. Parents are required to familiarize their children with all facility rules and are responsible for their enforcement. Parents are responsible for the
actions of their children at all times.
3. Members will be financially responsible for damage to Edgewater facilities inflicted by themselves, guests, or children.
4. All Edgewater residents are encouraged to play an active role in maintaining and protecting all athletic facilities and grounds. Please stop and/or report abuses to the Courts Committee, Advisory Board, or Gwinnett County Police, as appropriate.
5. The Courts Committee have the only authority to expel any Member, or ban any non-resident, for violation of regulations. The Courts Committee will review the violation and determine the suspension. Repeated misbehavior may result in an indefinite suspension.
6. The Courts Committee reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to amend or modify these rules, with or without notice to members, if necessary to promote safety or to protect our community property.


Committee Members: